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@ CAFE sabarsky in neue gallery. CAFE sabarsky is German. It was a really nice place. I'v never been to Europe, but I felt like im in Europe! haha anyway, my FAVORITE was the 'CAPPUCCINO' TT.. really.. awesome!

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Earth Day 2009- Grand Central Terminal Activity Class! i went to Grand Central Terminal with my classmates on Earth day! There were so..many.. booths in front of Grand Central Terminal.. actually.. around there.. haha>< i could heard a lot of information about Earth d Day .... it was really special expericed for me! :) I love the ACTIVITY CLASS!! kkkk.... and I love u guys... ><

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After activity class... we enjoyed the Junior's CHEESS CAKE! haha Karren teacher said that this is the realllllllllllllll original New York Cheese cake! haha And.. like she said...It was really... fabulous!!!! TT... I love Karren... kkkk she's so nice and passionate teacher>< Thank u SO MUCH!!!

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I introduce to you our 6th member of the Wonder Girls! Mama J! We <3 you!

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