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by xxxBiBiJones on 06.5.11 @ 02:12 AM via Web as private



Rwcrazy on 06.5.11 @ 02:18 AM

OMG!! I almost came in my pants!! even want a normal guy to do ya please let me know

Rwcrazy on 06.5.11 @ 02:19 AM

Dam, need to spell check... BTW Hot fucking video!!!

Jruss89 on 06.5.11 @ 02:25 AM

Love the video. Very sexy!

SOLO8thGenSi on 06.5.11 @ 02:26 AM

a-m-a-z-i-n-g video BiBi! Orlando, FL checkin' in here. that was spectacular, girl! :D

SlimAndDynamic on 06.5.11 @ 02:42 AM

Wow BiBi! As hot as Jesse,Riley and Kayden undoubtedly are..you're the new sizzling sexiest DP girl.Loving your moves and hats off to your plastic surgeon - bodacious boob job!

CaliGuy2442 on 06.5.11 @ 02:44 AM

Is it wrong for me to lick the screen? Dayum! Your body is amazing!

Sdapias on 06.5.11 @ 02:47 AM

I hit view and there's nothing there. What's up with that?

Torontoguy320 on 06.5.11 @ 02:54 AM

GORGEOUS!!! Keep posting sexy!

Count_Da_Money on 06.5.11 @ 02:56 AM

You are incredible BiBi! Built to FUCK!

Robbobmac on 06.5.11 @ 03:01 AM

i wanna taste you!

Jlatona1031 on 06.5.11 @ 03:06 AM

Can't view

Marty_sanderson on 06.5.11 @ 03:16 AM

No view

Blutonka22 on 06.5.11 @ 03:20 AM

Doesn't open:(

John_gp9 on 06.5.11 @ 03:29 AM

Can't view trying to sign up just going in circles

Boxer159 on 06.5.11 @ 03:45 AM

I think it's been blocked :o(

Jimmynopance on 06.5.11 @ 03:55 AM

If I was wearing pants I would have taken them off while I was watching this video. SMOKIN' HOT!

Fjzavala78 on 06.5.11 @ 04:10 AM

too damn hot!!!! I think my laptop melted!!!

ToneZone1 on 06.5.11 @ 04:39 AM

BiBi.. Holy shit. My jeans just ripped- and I wasn't using my hands

HungLikeAhorse on 06.5.11 @ 10:59 AM

People...The video is flash so it doesn't work on the iPhone or devices that won't run flash. Get your ass to a computer to stroke it in the name of Bibi!

SVRH on 06.5.11 @ 01:03 PM

a new STAR is born! #TeamBiBi is the new hottest team in porn for a long time now!

MichaelLetts on 06.5.11 @ 02:56 PM

Every porn girl should submit a similar video. We can then detemine without photoshop or other special effects, who rises to the level of the perfect Bibi Jones. #teambibi

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